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Kerf Developments is the leading British supplier of profile, oxy-fuel, high definition plasma and, additionally, waterjet cutting products.

The success of the company is based on providing quality products at great prices; Our success is also based on backing the product up with top customer service and support.


“As a Kerf customer, you will always be assured of the same level of service and obligation free advice. From the very first enquiry to the most recent installation or service visit, our goal is always to offer the very best industry advice.” Dan Taylor, Managing Director.

Kerf is completely independent and therefore is able to offer ‘best of breed’ solutions that meet customer needs.

As well as turnkey upgrades, Kerf Developments offers:

  • A range of support services
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Machine tool rebuilds
  • Consumable sales
  • Customer training and consultancy
  • New machine sales

Furthermore, Kerf Developments offers service for companies that operate a lot of profiling products from many suppliers.

Our team of highly gifted engineers, and also our great staff, provide the highest levels of service across the industry. Hence, they have earned a great and growing reputation.

We gained experience due to our work of returning goods to original specification and developing improvements; because of this, the company could develop its own range of profiling products.

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