Since its inception, Kerf Developments has earned a great reputation for quality support covering a wide range of oxy-fuel, plasma and waterjet cutting equipment. That success has undoubtedly been due to the level of service that comes the minute you make contact with Kerf.

Many companies offer a choice of competitive products but we know that today’s customer needs more than that. Our team’s quality is the foundation for our success. Whether advising on new machine installations or repairing and returning equipment to its original specifications, our reputation for technical know-how and good old-fashioned professionalism is without peer in our industry.

The quality and dedication of the Kerf proposition does not end there. The company now boasts an exceptional team of highly qualified engineers who only offer the very best industry advice.

Whether you’re a small sub-contractor, or a large profiling company, trust is important when working with a supplier. With Kerf, anyone can feel confident that they will receive appropriate advice either ahead of installation; We also offer solid advice long into the future, through any given service and maintenance plan.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“Everything about Kerf’s proposition was right. From the quality of the machine, to their commitment to us and our on-going service requirements. This convinced us that they are the right people to deal with.”

Alex Neville – Works Manager, Aldridge Fabrications

“Initially, Kerf gave us a single high-definition plasma machine but before long we realised that, due to increased demand, we would need another. We have been delighted with the quality and service provided by the Kerf team; it was a simple enough decision to go with them for our second machine.”

Mark Broadbent – Managing Director, PP Profiles Batley

Screw Shaft Manufacturer Takes Flight With Kerf

Pressed Flights started business as a two man company almost 25 years ago; they began producing garden gates, railings and bespoke designs for general industry and local councils. The company did not know that it would one day become a market leader and a global supplier of parts.

Twenty-five years on, the Littleborough company has invested in the latest CAD/CAM facilities and machine tools to cement its leading position in the market. The company’s latest addition is a new Kerf RUR2500P plasma cutting machine for cutting its screw profiles. The screw profiles are machined on the Kerf RUR2500P, pressed to a form that is then assembled and welded around a turned bar to create a thread profile.

Company Progression

The company has grown from producing small screw flights to delivering larger projects that involve the mixing of almost anything! From chocolate/crisps for food manufacturers to mixing products for a wide range of industries. Producing screw flights and shafts for all industry sectors requires Pressed Flights to manufacture from a host of materials that include brass, aluminium and stainless steel through to more difficult materials such as hardox, duplex, titanium and hastelloy.

Whist the machine shop with its turning and milling centres can comfortably adapt to the bespoke nature of the workload, the processing speed in the profile cutting department was restricting the production flow prior to the arrival of the Kerf RUR2500P. As Pressed Flights General Manager, Mr Mark Cryer comments: “We previously had a small conventional plasma cutting system for our production runs. This was limited to cutting material up to 12mm thick, so our workload was restricted by the machine’s capabilities. The plasma cutting bottleneck was delaying our delivery lead times and holding our business back.”

However, the arrival of the Kerf RUR2500P changed all this as soon as it was delivered. “From the outset, the Kerf RUR2500P machine significantly increased our productivity by over 2.5 times. What we used to produce in 5 days is now possible in 2 days. With such an increase in productivity, our lead times have tumbled and our capacity has more than doubled. The Kerf machine immediately eradicated any bottlenecks and our turnover has increased as a result of acquiring the machine.”

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