Kaliburn Dagger 100 plasma cutting system

Inverter based system for superior cut quality and extended consumable life

Good quality consumables installed and operated in line with manufacturers’ recommendations will provide extended operational life and excellent cut quality. By using genuine approved consumables you protect your systems warranty and get the longer term benefits of cut quality and reliability.

At Kerf we have resisted the temptation to offer low cost copies of genuine consumables due to the long term operational issues that may develop further downstream, with not only the plasma torch but even potential damage to the plasma power source itself.

If you are in any doubt about the benefits of buying genuine consumables from Kerf, then please contact a member of the Kerf service and support team.

Choose Your Kaliburn Dagger consumable

Dagger 100
Kaliburn Dagger Consumables

  • Energy efficient inverter design
  • Pierce and production cut 3/4″ (19.05mm) mild steel maximum (1/2″ or 12.7mm recommended)
  • Impulse starting circuit innovation for increased consumable life
  • Universal input
  • CNC interface for easy integration
  • Three operating modes – cutting, marking, and expanded metal
  • Quick-change torch leads
  • Engineered for mechanised cutting applications

The Kaliburn Dagger 100 is ideal for:

  • Mechanised cutting
  • X-Y tables
  • Robotic systems
  • Track systems
  • Pipe systems

Standard system components included

  • Power supply
  • Machine torch
  • Consumable spare parts kit
  • Air filter
Description Order Part Number
40-60-80-100 amp CTP Retaining Cap 980560
40-60-80- amp Shield Cap 980540
100 amp Shield Cap 980451
40-60-80-100 amp Retaining Cap 980550
40-60 amp Nozzlep 980512
80 amp Nozzle 980511
100 amp Nozzle 980510
40-60-80-100 amp Swirl Ring 980530
40-60-80-100 amp Electrode 980520
Torch Main Body 980100

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