HD Plasma Cutting Technology

There have been many developments in the metal cutting process over the last four decades. Plasma cutting technology is a popular choice for a wide range of applications and it now offers benefits over other processes such as oxy-fuel, laser and waterjet cutting.

Lincoln Electric is the leading global supplier of shape cutting and welding solutions. Kerf Developments offer a range of machines based on their Burny and Kaliburn products that provide original solutions for shape cutting processes. Their latest idea is the high performance Spirit II plasma cutting system; however, this is just one of a range of systems that Kerf offers for cutting; aluminium, galvanised sheet, stainless steel, and mild steel ranging in thickness from 1mm right the way through to 70mm!

The choice of Lincoln Electric Spirit II plasma systems for Kerf Developments and its customers is based on best in class performance combined with excellent cut quality, consumable life and low long term cost of ownership.



Engineers designed plasma cutting machines to help make a cost effective manufacture method for a range of products. Early plasma cutting machines created holes that were of a questionable quality with edges that had considerable bevel angle and dross on the lower face.

Kerf Developments in collaboration with its technology partners has developed a new process that resets the standard in high definition plasma cutting. The process is called UltraSharp and helps to improve the quality of holes and profiles, opening the plasma process up to new application areas.

Laser cutting for example produces a high quality cut; however, one limitation is that it can struggle when cutting thicker materials, from 10mm thick upwards. For higher powered lasers this could be in the 15mm-25mm range. HD UltraSharp plasma cutting will cut these materials faster and with better quality. With purchase and use costs being a fraction of those for a laser, opting to invest in a Kerf UltraSharp plasma machine can be quite straight forward.

UltraSharp HD plasma cutting can also be seen as an alternative cutting processes. Oxy-fuel cutting, for example, is a good solution for cutting thicker profiles. It is, however, relatively slow and the material needs to be preheated prior to piercing. Plasma cutting does not require preheating; plasma cutting speed is, therefore, faster.

Waterjet cutting also can be a good alternative where you need high quality cuts; however, the process is a slow one when compared to the high speed of a Kerf UltraSharp plasma cutting machine.

Best in Class

Being completely independent offers many benefits for Kerf Developments and its customers.
Our engineering team are able to evaluate and select Best in Class products from a network of global partners. Therefore, we don’t need to compromise on any aspect of our turnkey packages.

We only select the best suppliers for our machines with leading plasma, motion control and CAD/CAM technologies. We bring these well proven products together and offer them as turnkey solutions that deliver the best cutting performance. Kerf can guarantee performance that is:

  • High quality
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Highly productive
  • Easy to support