Maxi Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine

Maxi Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine

The Maxi profile cutting machine is designed specifically for large oxy-fuel cutting applications. It features a portal frame constructed from a mild steel fabricated design. The machine is driven through twin side rack and pinion drives by servo motors and planetary gearboxes under the control of a high performance CNC system. The operators panel can offer the automatic selection of Hi-Lo preheat, automatic piercing, cutting torch selection, and speed adjustment.

Large format heavy duty oxy-fuel machines are available with cutting widths from two metres through to fourteen metres wide, and with machine lengths designed for your specific application.

Maxi Oxyfuel Cutting Machine

Maxi profile cutting machine for large Oxy-fuel cutting applications

For large applications, the Maxi profile cutting machine is designed for high speed profile cutting with bespoke bed sizes to suit the end user.

The Maxi incorporates features to set this innovative machine apart from others. With unrivalled quality levels on every feature of the machine, the Maxi delivers a smooth running, low resonance and precision machine frame that can accommodate a wide range of cutting heads. With fabricated steel crossbeam, this stress-relieved and precision machined has a strong, heavy duty structure that is up to the task for high speed plasma and gas cutting applications.

Running on high precision linear rails and bearing assemblies that run the full length of the machine, the crossbeam guarantees unsurpassed accuracy when cutting. Accuracy is further enhanced with twin synchronised AC Servo motors and planetary gearboxes. The accuracy is given on a machine that offers cutting widths of 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5m with bed lengths that can be bespoke to each individual application to suit single sheet or pendulum loading to maximise productivity.

The Maxi’s bed length can be extended, as the support table is isolated from the side rail assemblies. This also ensures drive elements and accuracy are not compromised by shock loading, power surges or intense localised heat generated during cutting.

The high performance CNC control system that is available on all Kerf cutting machines and is ideal for the Maxi. The shape cutting motion control unit is an industrial grade PC designed for workshop environments where temperature and humidity extremes as well as airborne particulate, vibration and constant machine movement are commonplace.

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