RUR Profile Cutting Machine

Kerf RUR profile cutting machines

For high production demand
The RUR profile cutting machine is designed specifically for users with a high production demand. The machine frame is constructed from a mild steel fabricated design, ultrasonically stress relieved and manufactured to highly accurate tolerances. The machine is driven through twin side rack and pinion drives by servo motors and planetary gearboxes which are digitally synchronised. The rail system is manufactured using precision ground bar mounted on box section which is fitted on to thick walled fabricated track stands.

RUR Profile Cutting Machine

With the RUR range of machines, customers are able to configure machine widths and lengths to suit their own requirements. This could be to allow for larger plate sizes, or to provide the capability to load/unload and cut plates simultaneously in order to minimise downtime.

The RUR range is available for conventional and high definition plasma, and can be configured with combined plasma and oxy-fuel heads.

Specify your application

Kerf builds machines to meet your exacting requirements in terms of size and material thickness cutting capability, from 1mm through to piercing and cutting 50mm.
Choose a combination machine with single or multiple oxy–fuel torches and select options for electronic ignition and automatic torch height control.

Typical and popular sized Kerf machines

3,000mm x 1,500mm
4,000mm x 2,000mm
5,000mm x 2,500mm
– you can specify double plate length where space permits, to enable loading and unloading, whilst the plasma machine is cutting, further improving productivity.

The RUR machine provides clearance between the fume extraction tables and cross beam enabling you to use the plasma to cut holes and cut-outs in a range of angles, channels and box sections.

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Kerf RUR 2000 high definition plasma cutting in action

Kerf RUR 2500 plasma cutting machine

Kerf RUR tube cutting with rotary cutting option

Kerf RUR tube cutting

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