This is a new process developed using the latest advances in plasma, control system and program integration. The result for many applications redefines what high definition plasma cutting could offer.

The Kerf high definition plasma cutting machine with UltraSharp technology cuts to what many accept as being of a laser quality. The process produces superior hole quality and excellent edge finish. The key advantages for example of UltraSharp verses a high powered laser machine include…

  • The Kerf RUR and RUM machines with UltraSharp cost a fraction of that of a laser to purchase
  • Running costs of the Kerf machines are significantly less
  • UltraSharp can cut thicker materials than a laser
  • The Kerf machines can cut material over 15mm typically three times faster than a laser!
  • You can reduce your material costs as you don’t need to buy premium grade and perfectly flat material for the UltraSharp process.


UltraSharp will not be suitable for all profile cutting applications and there will always be a place in a production department for a laser or punching machine. For heavier applications, that is to say from 5mm upwards it is a process that is worthy of consideration and one that will help you and your company to reduce production costs.

Contact Kerf for further details of the process and for advice as to whether or not the process will be ideal for your application.



UltraSharp and Kaliburn Spirit II in action

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